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Lost your vehicle key and want to get it made by the best company in ? Then Powers CO Locksmith Store is the place you are looking for. We have served the area with our professional locksmithing skills for more than a decade and in these many years of service; we have gained a large base of loyal customers. We can get car keys made swiftly and at affordable rates.

What kind of car keys do you own?

Out team of automotive locksmiths are capable of handling every kind of automobile ranging from a motorcycle to a truck. But there are three types than many customers ask for and those are:

Transponder keys:

Powers CO Locksmith Store Colorado Springs, CO 719-445-8317These have been adapted by every vehicle manufacturer, since their introduction in 1995. These are essential simple keys equipped with a transponder chip that sends signals to the car thereby allowing it to disable the immobilizer and start the vehicle. These keys reduce hassle but also provide extra security because it is hard to copy the transponder chip’s signal. Many locksmiths charge a hefty bill and take a while to get these car keys made but our skilled technicians and equipment will do the job at an affordable price and in the least time possible.

Remote variants:

Some cars come with a keyless system installed in them and this system allows a remote to control the locking/unlocking. The remote has all the necessary buttons that you can use to perform actions like unlocking the car, locking it etc. from a certain distance. We will get a remote car key made in the shortest time possible. Our technicians can also replace or repair a malfunctioning key.

Standard types:

Simple car keys without chips do exist and are used by many. These are quite simple and can be made by our technicians at a record time for quite a cheap price. This system is not so great for security purpose, as an assailant can easily breakthrough the system therefore our technicians can suggest as well as implement additional security.

Service available 24/7

We house a fleet of mobile service vans that are situated in various places in area and with one call, the nearest van will be dispatched to your location. These vans and our technicians are at service, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

To know more about our services call us, at 719-445-8317!